About App A Day

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App A Day is a resource site that recommends handy software for your Windows device.

We help you find the tools to get your PC running in tip-top shape. Sometimes we recommend Windows Store apps; other times, we recommend good old-fashioned downloads. Most of the software we recommend is completely free. Apps that aren't free always have a trial or limited free version to let you evaluate the software without cost.

The developers of the apps we recommend may pay us a fee for showing a recommendation for their apps, or if someone downloads or buys their app through our links. We might use this fee to pay the apps and websites that show ads for our website.

Some of the networks we work with to find apps to recommend:

When we buy ads from app developers or websites to advertise our website, we only show very lightweight ads that do not use up lots of bandwidth or battery power. We only buy ad placements that are clearly marked and inside an app or website, so you know where the advertisement is coming from.


Every product that App A Day recommends is a good citizen on your PC, meaning that it's easy to uninstall and free of malware. Lots of our visitors love to take the apps we recommend for a "test drive", so here's a simple guide on how to uninstall apps that you tried out but didn't want to keep:

If you downloaded an app from the Windows Store, here's how you uninstall it:

If you downloaded an app that wasn't from the Windows Store, here's how you uninstall it the old-fashioned way:


If you have any questions or comments about our website, the apps we recommend, or if you need technical support, please email getsupport@appaday.net .